Are you stepping out tonight?

Friday nights are going out nights. You know, dress to impress and all that. Mine was spent looking sassy in my pjs, snuggling a cat and watching some Norwegian hip hop dance film.

I really am like a big kid in terms of mush and dance. Give me a good Step up type film and I’m there in the lead roll! Imagining I’m that girl, dancing and getting the guy.

Reality always hits when the film ends and I realise that girl is not me. It’s just me, the cat and the remote control.


Elleisse Black Outfit from Sascha’s Designs

Sparks handbag from [DDL]

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Kira hair from Entwined

Manon skin from the Skinnery in toffee

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Backdrop is from Minimal as one of their group gifts

9 thoughts on “Are you stepping out tonight?

  1. “It’s just me, the cat and the remote control. ”
    You’re a mother and a granny. So you must have got the guy! And if not THE guy, you got at least A guy. Cool?

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    1. Lol sadly it trully is the cat and myself. I was married (2 children) reason I live in U.K. he is Brit. We are good friends and found as partners it didn’t work.
      I don’t have a partner and haven’t had for a pretty long time now. Dating is a hell of a nightmare these days so I give up

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      1. “so I give up ”
        Right-o! Good on you. All this human shit is soooo overrated. I more and more come to the conclusion that I’m at my happiest and best once I’m in heavenly solitude. Now I only need hubby to divorce me, and then … hello freedom! 😉

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      2. Can’t force it. Love happens by itself … or it doesn’t. Maybe I was just lucky, as I always had better, more fun things to do than caring about pesky boiz. And then we met at a mutual friend’s home. Rest is history.

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  2. Wot? No, nay, never! I’m not equipped to take responsibiity of another living being. That would be like shedding my chains and then putting on handcuffs right away. Naaaw, I wanna be an unsocial solo woman traveller for once. I deserve the luxury!

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