A Pink Fairy-tale

We all have dreams of pink stuff and fluff and all things nice. We all dream of a perfect moment, a perfect place, an escape from whatever plagues us in our lives.

Today I came to the Pink Fairy-tale and lived a few of those moments. It’s such a shame real life doesn’t give us these moments. If it does, it is at a great cost.

I applied for a new job. Today is the end of the applications and then they start deciding on the interviews. So let that dream come true because it’s a role I would love and also its £14,000 more than I earn now.

My life would change dramatically. I want that moment. It’s my pink fairy-tale right now.



Hannah outfit from Sascha’s Designer

Trending lipstick from Cazim

Surge hair from Stealthic

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Shot on location at Pink Fairytale by Cica Ghost

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