I stepped out

Today I stepped out with my friends for a day at the seaside. My one friend had her birthday today and of course food formed part of the trip out.

Honestly with all the bad news around at the moment and financial worries we are all going through. Sometimes just dipping out for the day is a blessing to your soul.

The outfit Deets below.

Here’s some sneaky pics too:-



Rihanna dress from TO.KISKI at the Designer Showcase

Renaissance jewellery from Heartsdale Jewellery at the Designer Showcase

Glazed lipstick from Beaumore

Wolfie hair from Bonbon

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Greek summer pose pack from Amitie

2 thoughts on “I stepped out

  1. I’ve not been in Second Life much last few days, and usually only for short periods — I’m trying to keep my room cool, and having the computer start venting lots of heat definitely ain’t welcome!

    We had some watermelon yesterday, my sister brought up a big slice and it has been sat in the fridge keeping cool. So yummy and refreshing!

    I’ve kept the news off and been listening to music instead. I found a few stations on the radio app I use that are just birdsong and nature sounds, great for clearing the head, though probably confusing the heck out of the local birds here, lol.

    Only big news from me is that I’ve gone back to renting and given up my land in Sansara, also cancelled my Premium membership and will be going on an L$ diet. Now I have a plot the same size in Nautilus with nearly double the prim allowance, so can do more decorating and have skyboxes for private stuff. 🙂

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    1. Same. My presence in SL I have limited greatly. I think for me it’s been better to be living life during this warm time. The use of PC certainly is a heat generator plus not great for health to be sat in one position,
      I’ve been getting out and about just lots fresh air and living life. Always avoiding lots of people situations. ie shopping centres etc. I don’t feel any need to visit and plus the cost
      I’m staying on premium in SL. Found myself some roadside land and basically doing it up then I will leave my seaside place. So I won’t buy lindens anymore and just use stipend money every week to treat myself,
      I’ve allowed myself the premium. But forbid purchasing of lindens. Life is getting economically way expensive fast.
      SL is my only real vice to be honest. But I’m definitely pulling it all in
      Bird song and nature sounds I could do with as that’s a lovely idea. My cats would probably appreciate it too.
      Currently I’m lazing on sofa. Did all housework already apart from need to put washing in but will do that tonight.
      Staying inside today as caught sun yesterday and added to that I have had some kind of eye infection all week. My one eyelid is swollen and hurts, so I ghink keep it cool out the sun


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