I’m a bit miserable

I’m a little miserable at the moment as been in pain for days which isn’t going away. Anyone that follows me will know that I spoke about my ailments a while back, but never concentrate on them if I can help it as otherwise its frankly a depressing and actually boring subject.

But I’m seriously feeling way off keel at the moment as I’m a walking throbbing pain at the moment. I dont mean the pain in your neck pain, though some may tend to think that’s it. I mean I’m in pain. My back has been like hot daggers and its not really easing as I would have hoped.

Instead its just irritatingly staying and not much I can do about it right now. Oh see the doctor I hear you say? Lord I have tried for days and now I have given up. I cant get to see a doctor because apparently they’re so busy they are not doing personal appointments and for me to get a phone call back, most days you have to sit in a call queue and be number 48 in the wait.

Anyhow there you go. What has that to do with the photo in this picture you may ask? Absolutely nothing at all!

I just wanted you to share in the moment whilst I show you Entices new collar for the We Love Roleplay.


Just fine collare from Entice at the We love roleplay

Nisa dress from Belle Epoque

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Amanda hair from D!va

Kinky makeup from Velour

Eline skin from AMARA

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

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10 thoughts on “I’m a bit miserable

  1. Isa, it’s not easy to give you a diagnosis, due to the sparse info. If it’s really your back that ails you then … welcome to civilzation and its no.1 ailment. It’s caused by not enough movement, lack of training, too much sitting, not enough exercise. May I recommend you join a gym or yoga studio and start light exercises? Beginner’s hatha yoga class Iyengar style, that half-baked pilates shit (yoga for hard-core xtians), or even aqua aerobics. Even pure back-exercise (in Germany carried by the health insurance). It’s all good for you.

    I guess if you’re really in acute pain the best is to start with aqua aerobics as it works like a fluid-dampening for your joints and tendons, allows you a greater range of motion without putting any strain on your joints. And to work against the water pressure is good for muscle build-up. And it’s funfunfun as we do it to 60s and 70s disco music. ^.^

    This is an example from my club: https://virginactive.co.za/explore/swimming
    Yes, I’m doing Aqua Aerobics sometimes, yes, among the 80 year-olds crowd. 😮 Coz it’s fun in between sauna sessions. 😉

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    1. I’d love to do yoga. I think that certainly would help especially with my core . I will look into that,
      Walking can be extremely painful and so can laying down. I have what they call narrowing of the spine snd it’s happening between a couple of my vertebrate. It won’t get better but can be managed. I can’t even see a gp at the moment to get a physio referral. Which I really could do with. On top of that this fibromyalgia nonsense which I used to think was a load of nonsense for hypochondriacs. Lol


  2. There was even a 120 y/o granny with a hunchback who walked in a 90° forward angle but did the aqua aerobics every fukn day. She had fun in the pool. I guess they put her into a home for the elderly now. 😮

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    1. Lol I hear you. I walk but it hurts to walk, I have a narrowing in my spine which has been degenerating over time. Between two of my lower vertebrae. It flares up now and then which it is currently..


  3. I’m struggling a lot too huni, it may be the time of year, I don’t know where the hell I hurt most. My fibro is flaring as is my CFS. Falling out of my chair may not have helped either I guess! Sending some spoons and gentle hugs xx

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    1. Yes I’m glaring huge time but I tend to ignore it as my spine is way out sorts. I can’t get into see GP as they keep telling me Covid!! 🤦‍♀️
      So I’ve just bought a bunch of nurofen until I get seen. My spine is more my worry as it’s degenerative and they need to check it . Can’t walk, can’t lay, can’t stand too long. What can I do? Dug like a lemon in a chair lol
      Yeah don’t fall out of chairs it won’t help!!
      Speaking of work have arranged posturite to fit me for a new chair so that be danny but not till end September 🙄

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