Give me a break

Something different in my dance video is down below. I couldn’t resist this alternate take on this dance video and hopefully you enjoy the vibe I was going with.

I will of course repeat it later in the more “traditional” manner. But I wanted to demonstrate that you can think outside the box with a lot of things when it comes to music and dance.

The dances are the Alex Swag groove from Paragon Dance Animations.



Glow Balance outfit from Chucks at the EQUAL10 Event

Featuring the Alex Swag Groove dances from Paragon Dance Animations at the Cosmopolitan Event

Product Description

This is a sexy/swag hip hop groove for the guys by Industry A-list dancer/choreographer/social media influencer Alexander Chung based off his YouTube choreography with an extended freestyle.


Originally performed to “Celebration” by Tank. Tempo = 140 BPM

About Alexander Chung

◘ Choreographer for Backstreet Boys “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” MV, Choreographer for DJ Snake “Lauv-A Different Way” MV, Becky G. “Break A Sweat” MV, Jesse McCartney “Punch Drunk” MV., Disney’s “Raven’s Home” Season 3.
◘ Choreographer for corporate brands: Bose, Honda, Danceon, Dark Horse Wine, Panda Express
◘ Dancer for Sean Kingston (Live in Edmonton)
◘ Dance Captain – Unity in Diversity (France, Germany, Switzerland Tour)
◘ Dancer for B2K (Live in Vancounver), America’s Best Dance Crew Tour (Live in Edmonton)
◘ Choreographer/Director/Dancer – NXG Dance Company – World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 (1st place), Canada Hip Hop Championships 2014 (1st place), World Hip Hop Championships (semifinalist), World of Dance Hawaii 2013 (1st place)
◘ Judge/Instructor for “Soulplex” Dance Competition and Convention (Germany)
◘ Taught master classes in England, Israel, Mexico, Germany, China, Switzerland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands, and across North America.
◘ Featured Choreographer at the Millenium Dance Complex in North Hollywood.
◘ 380000+ YouTube subscribers with 72 million+ views.


Paragon Dance Animations Social Media

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