A moment with Dolores

Some days I feel like a change and I mix it up a little with my various avatars.

The day I took this photo I had gone to my Kalhene avatar and shot this photo. I have considered really I need to name her.

After all she at least deserves that . I haven’t settled on her “look” yet but I feel she is a Dolores.

Will she become a video character? Quite possibly if I can somehow get my voice to come up with another sound for her.

It’s not easy maintaining a vocal for my characters as often I flip into each character and have to remind myself which one I am.

Harriet, Thelma and Beverley I have an ability to revert to when I need to. Va Gina is still a hard one to be and something I’m still working on. It’s possible her vocals may change slightly as it’s harder to maintain her when I’m a naturally higher pitched person.

Now Dolores! I’ll get back to you on it.



Warm vintage Jacket and turtleneck set from -Sorumin- at the EQUAL10 November round

Elise boots and leggings from AsteroidBox. at the EQUAL10 Event

MK225 Backdrop from Paleto at the EQUAL10 Event

Mika bento poses from Sweet Art – at the EQUAL10 Event

Anya bento mesh body with head from Kalhene

Forever hair from Truth VIP group

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