Im ready

I’m currently sat drinking tea and waiting for my dinner to cook. My avatar is in SL running rampant on her own and I’m legs up on coffee table relaxing.

If only I had the same setting as this picture. Sadly it’s not possible on my balcony unless I want to burn the building down..

Today at midnight the U.K. goes back into a tighter lockdown.

I’m feeling a little sad and wondering about 2020. This hasn’t been the best year and I wonder at what else it’s going to throw at us.

2020 certainly is a shite show. In fact it’s a car crash in the making and the parts haven’t stopped bouncing around yet.

Part of me believes we deserve this. We as humans are a selfish lot and it’s about time we look at ourselves and think about what really is important.

I think we have lost our way a little. Ok a lot!!! But we can find our way back if we all support each other and put our voices to the test.

Stop saying the right things. Start living the right things.

Then go sit by a fire at sunset and reflect at what we have learned.


Quietgrove Campfire set from Raindale at the Liaison Collaborative

Camdens Arbour from Raindale at the Cosmopolitan Event

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