Free gift giveaway

Birthday giveaway with Marika.

Yesterday the 28th January, Marika celebrated my birthday on YouTube.

Marika announced a competition where watchers have to guess the song Marika songs and then in the comments name the song and leave their galaxy name for second life.

The prize? A mesh head of the watchers choice.

All names will be collected and go into a draw and be announced next week on YouTube.

If you want to be in the chance to win, click the link below, watch then comment your answer.

Good luck!!!



Mary  sweater dress dress from Voluptus. Apologies I purchased at Christmas winter event but cannot find the store.

Nessa Hair from Joviality

June avatar from Piggu at the Winter Fair however this is the beta version of June 2

2 thoughts on “Free gift giveaway

  1. Free Gift? Whoa! How weird, what a bizarre concept this is
    Usually I’m used to having to pay for gifts I receive.

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