A White Christmas?

Well I’ll be damned!! No really I’m totally gobsmacked! I’ve just got into bed and I have a habit of browsing news in bed.

Clearly because all news has been pretty negative now for the past year or so. No news is good news as the saying goes.

Anyhow before I start prattling on the headlines as I browsed my phone said a White Christmas.

Then I realised those headlines came from the rubbish newspapers who put that out nearly every week here in the winter.

Chances are one day it will snow like they say, then I’m sure they’ll then claim they were the first to report it.

Back to my pretend virtual snow I go.

Showing you items from Raindale so have a look! I’ve linked the decent pics in the credits as frankly my photos never do much justice.


There are 2 released prizes from Raindale for the MadPea’s Christmas Calendar.

Jolly song Holiday Tree which is a prize to find at the Raindale Store while playing the game. You need to purchase the HUD to join the game and there is a terminal placed at the landing point so no need to walk too far.

The Snowhope sled and lantern is the winter prize unlocked at the end of the game after you have solved the puzzle (25 December)

Just pop on to Raindale and grab your HUD.

Snowday Snowman with snowball and the picnic arch are from Raindale


2 thoughts on “A White Christmas?

  1. How cute! These winter decor items are sooooo cuteeee! UGH! Don’t say “news” please! I’m sick of the negativity in the news & fake news it’s way too prevalent these days & all the yada yada yada as they say on the Seinfeld show. Anyways I rarely read the news, anymore (I get enough of politics and world news from my dad each morning as I’m trying to fill my travel cup with coffee and head out to work) A kiss on his cheek usually changes the subject. 😛 I love you dad! Very cute decor! Lovely post!

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