Exploring Bayou Du Chat Noir

There are some times I don’t actually want to appear in a video, especially when my virtual self is having a bad hair day. I will say of course, she never has a bad hair day ever.

However I always feel the need to talk. Though today, I decided I would do less of the chatter and let you enjoy the lovely Bayou Du Chat Noir in its  glory.

What a gorgeous place to visit. So full of atmosphere and I can imagine the deep south warmth of the summer and  Blues and Soul music  escaping  out the windows of homes as you slowly walk along the gravel roads.

Crocodiles hiding off the shores of the swampy waters and the smell of Cajun and Creole foods drifting in the air.

A shot of whisky on your travels and the dusk settling.

Now the video……


Credits :-

First music track is “Looking for Soul” by Addie Horner

Second music track is “Do you really wanna be in love” by Frigga

Shot on location at Bayou Du Chat Noir


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