Linden Homes

Linden Homes

The Annual Christmas expo has started in Second Life and you want to get yourself down there.

The main shopping event has over 170 merchants who are donating part of their proceeds to the American Cancer Society, over £155,00L in gift certificates through a raffle and there will be entertainment, a hunt and so much more. But for todays blog I’m giving you a peek at the new 4th Edition Linden homes which are on show for you to go check out.

So take a wander over and get a peek because I am telling you, they are gorgeous.

I think I’m moving again!! (when they are released)

Remember to have a Linden home you  have to be a premium member of Second Life and all details for membership are here

To get to the Expo visit here and when you are there click one of the blue teleport boards if you are like me too lazy to walk. You will find the TP to the new Linden homes.

Info here



Brianna hud dress from Sascha’s Designs

Cake leggings from Blueberry

Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty

Glam on eyeshadow from A R T E

Kit hair from Analog Dog

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 05 from  Amara Beauty

Exploring Bayou Du Chat Noir

Exploring Bayou Du Chat Noir

There are some times I don’t actually want to appear in a video, especially when my virtual self is having a bad hair day. I will say of course, she never has a bad hair day ever.

However I always feel the need to talk. Though today, I decided I would do less of the chatter and let you enjoy the lovely Bayou Du Chat Noir in its  glory.

What a gorgeous place to visit. So full of atmosphere and I can imagine the deep south warmth of the summer and  Blues and Soul music  escaping  out the windows of homes as you slowly walk along the gravel roads.

Crocodiles hiding off the shores of the swampy waters and the smell of Cajun and Creole foods drifting in the air.

A shot of whisky on your travels and the dusk settling.

Now the video……


Credits :-

First music track is “Looking for Soul” by Addie Horner

Second music track is “Do you really wanna be in love” by Frigga

Shot on location at Bayou Du Chat Noir

Cake and all things nice

Cake and all things nice

After work today I went over to my friends house for an afternoon tea date with my other friend. We had an afternoon tea party.

It was Annette’s birthday yesterday and so we had some cucumber and ham sandwiches and cake. Lots of cake. Oh and ice cream and strawberries and more ice cream, and lots of cake!

Hence when I decided to take a photo of Raindale’s  Lanhall planters, the inspiration was  for more cake. If I could have thrown in some ice-cream I would have.

When we get together its an eat fest. I wont deny this. We like chocolate and we love ice-cream.

Nothing to do with these gorgeous planters but what the hell you may as well know how I rocked my after work hours today. Now a wee video popped on flickr.  Not sure it will thrill you but I am trying to show they change colour. Watch, no watch I am serious

Flicker video:-


Lanhall planters from Raindale at the Access Event

Land impact = 1-3 (in default size)Touch hanger (top part) for colour change menu (5 colours for wood and pots) +show/hide hanger (in case you want to hang planters on your own pieces of furniture)

All displayed cakes are from Raindale

Kitchen used is the Kitchen skybox  from Hive