Watch the video, no you must

You may be wondering why I have a real me pic on todays blog post?

Well because the video you are about to watch by Bernhard Drax is of how the rl we use and step into Second Life. So basically I thought it was fitting to be  the real me in this blog post. With the help of the Instagram filter called  Sutro. Because you can never look too summery.

It makes my tan stand out way better hahah.

Anyhow Im not going to ramble, just share and watch out for Drax sucking on the beer near the end. Makes me laugh every single time I see it.



My hair is courtesy of a lifetime of sun and the wonderful shampoo by  Provoke

My skin courtesy of the powers of the sun and Sutro face filter from Instagram  Real Me and VR me

Stripey top well, the linen basket post wash and un ironed

Bra strap, that dodgy old thing that needs binning anytime soon

Diamond earrings (yes they are real) had them forever

Attitude is sassy and devil may care hiding one or two moments of intense self doubt. Its called being human

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