Watch the video, no you must

Watch the video, no you must

You may be wondering why I have a real me pic on todays blog post?

Well because the video you are about to watch by Bernhard Drax is of how the rl we use and step into Second Life. So basically I thought it was fitting to be  the real me in this blog post. With the help of the Instagram filter called  Sutro. Because you can never look too summery.

It makes my tan stand out way better hahah.

Anyhow Im not going to ramble, just share and watch out for Drax sucking on the beer near the end. Makes me laugh every single time I see it.



My hair is courtesy of a lifetime of sun and the wonderful shampoo by  Provoke

My skin courtesy of the powers of the sun and Sutro face filter from Instagram  Real Me and VR me

Stripey top well, the linen basket post wash and un ironed

Bra strap, that dodgy old thing that needs binning anytime soon

Diamond earrings (yes they are real) had them forever

Attitude is sassy and devil may care hiding one or two moments of intense self doubt. Its called being human

Women in Virtual worlds

Women in Virtual worlds

A few days ago I met up with Drax and Xaos Princess to touch on Woman in Virtual worlds.

We had quite a chat and you can listen to that on the podcast below. Set aside an hour and grab a coffee.



Dhara Romper (with hud) from Well Made at the Designer Showcase

Hibiscus lipstick and nail polish from Cazimi at the Designer Showcase

Sereia Necklace,earrings and bracelets from RealEvil Industries

Gem eyes  from Amara Beauty

Tropical eyeshadow from A R T E

Oline lipstick from A R T E

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin in 04 from  Amara beauty

Chat with Tad Williams

Chat with Tad Williams

Today I am sharing with you all an exciting chat you can click into later today which if you are like me a big Draxtor fan you may not want to miss.

Mr Draxtor is going to be meeting up in VR with the writer Tad Williams.

If you don’t know who Tad is, he is an American fantasy and science fiction writer. He is the author of the multivolume Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series, Otherland series, and Shadowmarch series as well as the standalone novels Tailchaser’s Song and The War of the Flowers.

Now if that isn’t something to tune in for.

It will apparently be his first VR experience, so let’s all be kind.

But highly recommend you dropping into the link below and setting your reminder.



Boho top from Gozde

Ethnic shorts from Cheryl Mcgowan

Flip flop sandals from YaiaNishi

Alina Avatar from Cora Store

Amber Long Swept hair –  unfortunately I cannot find this on the store now as well as the Monkey pal of mine.

Shot on location at Cozy Party Island

To download Sansar and create your own avatar click here

Second life turns 16 Lets Celebrate

Second life turns 16 Lets Celebrate

Can you believe it, Second Life is turning 16!!! With a 1950’s retro theme. So get those retro outfits on.

I  remember when I first discovered this crazy land, back in 2003 when I saw something about it on the internet and thought I would have a look at it.

Back then, the olden days of virtual chatting it was very new and so different from all the chat clients that were around at the time. Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ to name a few.

Even back then I loved to find out who you could talk to around the world.

I made many friends from far off places and to this day I am still in good contact with people as far back as 1999.

But Second Life was something totally different and back then, even though my computer and dial up connection couldn’t handle it very well, I knew this was something very unique and I wanted to be a part of. Moving forward to 2007 my organisation advertised to us to join as they had a sim in there a brief period. I joined but struggled again as I had moved to another dial up connection.

Come 2010, I was there and haven’t looked back. Have never regretted and made absolutely some of the most wonderful friends I have come to know both inworld and out of the world.

So now we celebrate. I am not going to credit outfits etc in todays blog because I can save that for tomorrow.

Below in the credits you will find all the information you need to jump around to where you want to go.


Right now lets party!! Video and all links below. The dance sequence was shot at the Time Portal


Dates to remember during the birthday celebrations which are now on till the 8th July:-

Links for SL16B Events and Experiences:

Remember if you have any photos or videos you are making surrounding the celebrations to hashtag them on your social media as #SL16B
Strawberry Singh aka now Lindens blog is here please go and keep yourself updated if I have missed anything here.
Below is the official  Second Life opening video