A bit of décor why notI

The number of times I try to décor I cannot tell you but I try each time. In reality I’m a very simple minimal type of person. So not overly anything but the preference for lots of plants.

My linden home is also like my reality. Very minimal in many ways and not much detail. Bit then that’s because I’m seriously a cannot make my mind up person.

Doing décor for me therefore is hard but a challenge I keep trying. I see blogs such as  Moz Loordes and The Kess Crystal and I have super envy. But I try and I give myself a pat on trying, and trying and trying. Help!!!


This video doesn’t exist


Fairstar hideout (gazebo in the video) from Raindale at the We Love Roleplay

Twinklespark candles on the floor in various sizes from Raindale

The Collfield Gacha from Raindale is at the Gacha Garen and comprises the following:-

Table, Pouf, Armchairs, Firepit, Hanging lamp, Daisies in Teapot,Lantern and the  Pergola in the photo.

There are 9 Commons and 1 rare which is the Pergola

4 thoughts on “A bit of décor why notI

  1. There is nothing wrong with that scene, it’s lovely! Bung a cake and a cuppa on the sofa and you’re set for an afternoon’s lazing and scoffing 🙂

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