Thelma and Louise at the Bean Coffee Shack

Ok this clock changing time by 1 hour has already thrown me. I should get up but I don’t want to. In my head it’s 8.30 but my iphone clock is telling me 9.30.

Damn the computers! They are part of the daylight saving conspiracy.

This is a dance music video and showcasing Death Row Designs and an outfit.

I thought the best person to do so was Thelma as Isabelle is getting extra sleep.




The BOHO Bean Coffee shack from Death Row Designs now at UBER

LENI Vol 7 dance from MOVE! Animations Cologne

■■SPECIAL THANK YOU PRICE OFFER <■■The Dances cost 300L$ each. MOVE! give MORE THAN 20% on each Dance Pack (10 Dances) ■■ (2399L$).■■


Frankenstomp boots from Death Row Designs at N21

Faithful dress from Milk & Cookies at the UP Event

Simone bento head from Lelutka

Freya Mesh body from Belleza

Bonnie and Clyde glasses from [SteinWerk]

Teanna hair from Truth

Rie Rose Pale skin from Lara Hurley


Betsy Hair

Look for Louise

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