Dance Sunday

Dance Sunday

Morning world. I have very little to say today because I'm not even sure I'm awake just yet. Here is the latest dance from Move Animations called the Jana casual Vol 3. The video is not safe if you are likely to suffer seizures due to flashing lights. Video:- Dance Credits:- Jana casual Vol [...]

Time to chill and remember Technology controls you

Well what a day this was! Seriously you couldn't have made it up if you tried. So as you know I am now working from home.  Its a bit of an authenticator process to log into everything due to the security surrounding information. As with most work places. Anyhow our organisation uses google authenticator to [...]

The chill

Rather apt title considering I am on 3 days annual leave and the air decides to chill. Here I was imagining lazing on the balcony collecting some vitamin D. Instead I am inside the apartment with a little person considering if I should turn the heating back on. Amazing how things turn out. Still, little [...]