The lush

This reminds me of  a scene in my youth when I had one too many tequilas on a Friday night out and  stumbled out of a night club and landed on the pavement.

I clearly at the time didn’t have a bottle in my hand, but I’m sure I was wearing something similar and had that same perfect lippy smeared on my face.

Back in the day  I was quite a clubber kind of girl. I loved a good night out and  so much so that I used to not care if my friends wanted to come with or not.

I knew  most of the  DJ’s and bar staff  in the Bondi Junction area of Sydney, so I was never out alone.

These days, I wouldn’t even contemplate repeating any of this as the safety of a woman now days is far different than it was back then.

My friends back home in Australia who went on to become professional DJ’s and musicians still often say to me “Liz do you remember”. Fact is often I don’t, I must have been too intoxicated with tequila.

Shhh do not tell my children. They believe I was the poster pillar girl of society. Fact is, I was just like them and full of fun and life and the soul of the party. This whole set just made me smile when I received it because I could throw in my protest sign again.

You will no doubt keep seeing those because frankly I love them so much.

Credits :-

Wasteland Hobo set which includes male and female guitars, fold out chair, shopping trolley and rest pile on the floor is available from DRD  now at the Remanant

Protest sign is a group gift from DRD

The drunk gal is from Raya Design

Graffiti Alley backdrop from [Dash]

DRD logo 1024x512

2 thoughts on “The lush

  1. welp remembering back in my younger bar days was the same made friends with the bartenders and whoever just incase friends never showed up and if they didn’t I could always catch a ride home but like you in todays world never ever would I repeat that scene guess just too scary and way too many freaks out there ~ great post

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