Coffee with Isa and sexual harassment

Today’s coffee is a little more thought provoking and serious. But also something many of us, especially women relate to. However never let it be said men don’t suffer this as well as they do.

If you’re being harassed at work

Sexual harassment can include:

Sexual comments or jokes

Physical behaviour, including unwelcome sexual advances, touching and various forms of sexual assault

Displaying pictures, photos or drawings of a sexual nature

Sending emails with a sexual content

If you’re being sexually harassed by someone you work with, you should:

Tell your manager – put it in writing and keep a copy of the letter or email

Talk to your HR team or trade union – they’ll be able to give you advice

Collect evidence – keep a diary recording all of the times you’ve been harassed

In the U.K. under the 2010 Equality Act, sexual harassment is illegal.

Safe Workers 

Rape Crisis

Citizens Advice

EEOC- United States

Reach Out – Australia


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2 thoughts on “Coffee with Isa and sexual harassment

  1. I think laws have got to be made tighter about decent conduct in the workplace, and it has to come from the UK, because I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but things circulate from the UK, especially to do with law making. Generally, children need better education on such matters, both from the parents and at school. Yes, there will always be some idiot people who break the conduct laws but at least everyone would be educated about the matter. It is so stupid that what happened decades ago and actually, way back in the past, still continues today – as if it doesn’t matter when it so obviously and categorically does matter.

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    1. Totally. Often it’s the education which is lacking. Needs to start both at school and at home teaching young people.
      I’m funnily at union training all this week. All men and me. The attitudes to banter etc they still have the attitudes that it’s ok “it’s only banter”.
      Half these men are in the age group 28 – 40.
      So clearly education isn’t happening


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