Coffee with Isa – Homeless Friday

I have nothing left to say, because I  cover it all in the video. Get a cuppa and sit back.


Credits :-

Frayed denim jeans from Coco available at the FameShed

No more top from Entice

Catya Bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head from LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Bucket hat with hair from Argrace

Shot on location at Take Heart


2 thoughts on “Coffee with Isa – Homeless Friday

  1. Very interesting convo, Isa.

    Begging is a big problem in India, and I mean professional beggars. They will pretend to be deaf and dumb, some of them will pretend to undergo severe penances in public so that the people will think them pious souls and help them with alms. The religion backs this up in a way because folks think that if they give one rupee to a beggar, they will reap the rewards in their next lives. They believe that to prosper in this world and the next, the beggars should be given alms. Fair enough, it’s a good way to go on if they *are actually the needy and not the professional extortionists. A whole train of professional beggars are to be found in every big town and particularly at shrines and temples. Some families make begging their hereditary profession and they devise novel methods of appealing to the sympathies and nobler feelings of the people. I think a really bold and vigorous step is needed by the Government towards the eradication of professional beggary. Also, the Government should take much more responsibility to provide accommodation and food for the really needy persons, the blind, the crippled, the lepers and those suffering from mental health problems, not just leave it to the good people who do give alms , the NGOs and the charitable organisations.


    1. Wow it’s everywhere huh. It baffles me because these professionals are like syndicates the way they operate. It also does sadden me that there indeed many people who are truly homeless and get overlooked because of the professional beggars.
      I agree governments need to really take more responsibilities. I pay my taxes and I want people helped with those taxes, not someone’s high salary topped up.
      Such a widespread thing this and thank you for sharing the way the system works in India. So interesting what you say. Thank you for listening 😊


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