Thieving Magpie?

This has been a mixed weekend. Filled with smiles and then some other frustrated feelings thrown in. I’ll concentrate on the smiles. Friends getting married and today reciving a wonderful gift from another friend. Something I’ll show in another blog moment.

So a little mixed for me. 

Here is a lovely dress from Entice which is a gift this weekend on their MM board. I’d rush on over as it’s really lovely. Looks great worn with my Mya boots from LaGeeny.






“Thieving Magpie” dress is from Entice and is one of the gifts on their MM Board this weekend.

“Lamb” hair from Lamb from my Luxe Box October

“Kori” mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA

“Christy” dark skin from Lara Hurley

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

“Mya” tip toe sneakers from  LaGeeny Fashion

Shot on location at Take Heart

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