Breakfast tea anyone?

Ok this morning I require far more than a cup of tea to set me up for the day.  I’m just that little weary and tired and could do with another hour or two or three or four in bed.

My own fault as I stayed up late after coming home after a meal with some friends.

However I look incredibly fresh and alert in this photo and I’ll go with that.

The cafe dining set I have from Raindale is way cute and I have set it beside the windows so the morning sun beams on me. Perfect.








Credits :-

“Carrie” jacket with top and “Nicole” leggings are both from Le Fashion Whore and both have huds which give you a number of choices of pattern for the top  and colour combinations for all items. Both fatpackes are currently $199 for a limited time inworld.

“Minato” hair is from Argrace and is hud controlled and a free group join gift

“Soturi” boots from .:LAVAROCK CREATIONS:. Are a free group gift.

“Christy” dark skin from Lara Hurley

“Destiny” mesh head and CATWA animated eyes from CATWA

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

“Ice Queen” rings from .: RealEvil Industries :.

“T-O2” tattoo from Tattoo Mania as an exclusive at the Haus of Swag Fair

“Café” set from Raindale



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