How many?

How many hours are there in one day? I've decided that there are absolutely not enough! I've had so much to do in both worlds and so little time that I had to sit and really think how I needed to plan my time last night. The best way to do that is a seriously [...]

My garden of Eden

Ok so the scene is wrong. Sunglasses and short skirts in the snow. Well you know what, in a virtual world you can experience most things you wouldn't dream of doing in the real world. So let me enjoy my 10 minutes of sunshine in the snow. Actually as said previously, I cant wait for [...]


Not much of a post today as I'm feeling pretty unwell. Unfortunately sore throat has got worse and now it's that sicky feeling. So writing this laying down in bed, because I can. Lately every day I wake up I am getting email alerts from some low lives out there who are posting pretty unkind [...]

Bad cook

Seriously I need a cook some days. Only I could burn a boiled egg!!! Yes you read that correctly. I wanted soldiers for breakfast (soft boiled egg  and toast) and rather than soft boiled I kind of forgot the eggs on the stove and they turned into something you could bounce off a wall. The [...]


Seriously is apparently here! I'm on s bus headed to the hairdressers to go and have something totally radical done. Watch this space, or maybe don't just in case it all goes horribly wrong. My pixelated me however changes her hair every day and her clothes. Today it's something for that in between warm and [...]

Breakfast tea anyone?

Ok this morning I require far more than a cup of tea to set me up for the day.  I'm just that little weary and tired and could do with another hour or two or three or four in bed. My own fault as I stayed up late after coming home after a meal with [...]

Breaking news….

 Wow is all I can say.  I spoke to someone last night that I never expected to ever speak to again after I lost my original accounts. Small world SL when you are out shopping and bump into an old friend at the hair store. I won't go into detail but he was originally who [...]

I feel Witty

No pun intended. But I love the name of this romper as it's a feel good kind of tag. I've only just woken up and no I'm not on the bus! I haven't been for over 4 weeks now as been home from work on sick leave. I shall be returning on the 1st and [...]