She pouts.

It’s Thursday and I’m as always on my bus ride to work. 

I’m due to spend most of my day in union related meetings. I’ve decided this cannot possibly be, as I’m far from being really awake today.

I’m actually rarely that alert anyhow due to a low B12 deficiency which can affect memory as well as the zing of being awake.

I’ve been known to fall asleep while awake. Go figure in that.

The worst experience I had of this was when I printed off a form to send out in the post. I pressed 2 to be sent. Well when I got to the printer and released for printing, it just kept coming.

Seemingly I had in fact pressed 200!

What’s the problem with that , it’s only work, you ask?

Well our dept is charged 2p for every print and then as individuals our print volume is monitored. So you can imagine Liz printing 200 pages would beggar many questions.

B12 deficiency is something I had never given any thought to. It can’t be resolved by a vitamin pill from the chemist. 

I had to start a course of injections for a number of weeks every few days to raise my levels, then once s month, and now every three months for the rest of my life.

I’m expecting dementia because my understanding is that this can be related.

I mean, before they realised what was going on, I had suddenly one day forgotten how to put a duvet in its cover to make a bed. I stood crying for ages because I wondered why I couldn’t work it out . I am fine now, but that actually scared the hell out of me.  That was just over a year ago and now I remember to put my knickers on in the morning and make sure I catch the right bus. Although I’ve been prone to putting odd shoes on. 

I suffer both low B12 and Fibromyalgia. The two together are a beatch, but I don’t complain as life could be much much worse and I’m truly thankful I don’t have too much to whine about.

Pleasure to share and for all those with same conditions. I feel your pain, literally.

Bibi head by CATWA

Maitreya Lara mesh body

Wasabi pills hair

Lara Hurley Christy Skin

Eyes are CATWA

Outfit by Blueberry

Links later…,

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