Swinging my way to Friday

Swinging my way to Friday

I’m totally on this ride as I swing my way towards Friday this week. One sleep to go! One sleep! Not only am I on leave from work for 9 days but I’ll also be spending my first few days finally meeting my SL mate Rosie Helendale!!! I’m so excited I’m in the loo constantly [...]

Hippy days?

My mind says dance but my body is saying go back to sleep. Good morning Sunday. I'm not happy you woke me but it would be totally remiss of me not to arrive without some enthusiasm. I wonder how many are still asleep around the world or haven't made it to bed yet? The thing [...]

Back in time

So it's near midnight here in the UK, but in the next few minutes we will go back in time by 1 hour. Daylight savings begins. This always messes up my sleep every single year and usually takes about 2 weeks for my body click to adjust. It's great in terms of longer days for [...]