Spring in the winter

Anyone down south in the UK will know what I mean. It feels like spring in the winter right now. All those coats and boots in my wardrobe not getting worn because frankly its just not cold enough right now. But n SL its ok, I can wear winter in the spring, spring in the [...]

Smack that

Got to love the name of this lingerie! Did make me chuckle when I first opened it just at the name. I can see santa may appreciate this little number when I sit on his lap and tell him I've been very good and give him my Xmas list. Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUAGYPpedM8&feature=youtu.be   Credits :- Smack [...]

Art is me

Well that is how I view our pixel persons. We are like living art. We constantly improve, morph and grow, yet we as people remain constant. Our virtual selves are a living art form which each day changes its landscape. Credits :- Cortya dress by KIB Designs available exclusively at the Designer Showcase Liz Jewellery [...]

Winter warmer

I need to go coat shopping as the one I had last winter  I discovered has a huge stain on the back. I loved that duffle coat. But in apricot, it's not a stain I can hide either. Any excuse I hear you say. But of course. Now after seeing this bad boy, I want [...]

Learn to fly

Not literally but in spirit. My son in   RL managed to get his dream job the other day and so will be a commuter into London as of January 2017. Its funny watching him as he has literally learned to fly himself, after a number of years feeling frustrated with his creativity and not being [...]


Well nothing like going on an adventure trip. Come with me and I will take you the world of some imagination. Just a snippet till I come back Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihroanz26Xc Credits : - "Make me" dress available from Entice at the Cosmopolitan Room  which finished on the 19th November so dash on over. "Avery" hair [...]

Sweet Dreams

Is the name of the outfit but also that which I've just woken up from. I woke up to a huge male ragdoll cat landing on my chest as he tried to wake me for some play time. It's a daily thing with him this behaviour. He always lands with a ball of paper. Which [...]

Child of the Corn

Subject heading will make sense when you watch the video. Today's topic however is my absolute delight at having my premium accounts reinstated by Linden Lab.  For  the past 3.5 months I have relentlessly fought for my accounts which were compromised. I'm so really happy to say I have them back again and if Tommy [...]

Bad cook

Seriously I need a cook some days. Only I could burn a boiled egg!!! Yes you read that correctly. I wanted soldiers for breakfast (soft boiled egg  and toast) and rather than soft boiled I kind of forgot the eggs on the stove and they turned into something you could bounce off a wall. The [...]

I feel Witty

No pun intended. But I love the name of this romper as it's a feel good kind of tag. I've only just woken up and no I'm not on the bus! I haven't been for over 4 weeks now as been home from work on sick leave. I shall be returning on the 1st and [...]