The cottage by the sea

I quite like the idea of a cottage by the sea.

Right now I’m sitting here on my balcony enjoying this glorious sunset descending down around me, watching the geese flap around.

Choosing to enjoy this moment rather than sit in my apartment staring at a large computer screen.

Glass of Pimms in hand and my iphone in the other.

Moments like this are so precious and when we have them, we need to make the most of them.

One of my favourite things to do in the summer months is simply this, watch the sun slowly go down.

This video isn’t live on You Tube and probably won’t be as I often choose to keep some videos solely available via the blog.

But feel free to watch and see how lovely this cottage is from Raindale in this months Builders Box.



Featuring the Longhaven Cottage from Raindale in the May edition of the Builders Box

To see this cottage you can visit Raindale

To join the Builders Box you can either click the terminal found near the cottage rezzed at Raindale or click Here to pre order for the following month.

All furnitures you can see rezzed at the house in my video and photo are from Raindale.

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