Some Paris?

Bus driver driving like a lunatic right now. Yes mate you are late. However the bus fare I pay is to get me to work safely. I'm almost tempted to yell at him, but I get the feeling he is the kind that will just speed up a little more. You know those kinds? So [...]


I've spent quite a lot of time alone lately. Probably more so than normal. Which is probably why I have had the time to do so many things at once and seriously cane my blog and Flickr. Though to be honest in preference I don't ultimately choose to always be alone. It just happens that [...]

When I want to be a child

I had a wee visit from a little man today aged 18 months. It really made my day as aside from that I was stuck inside with rain pounding down outside and maybe going a little stir crazy. I actually had not real interest in SL today, or much at all this weekend. I decided although [...]

Rock Star status achieved…

When Tracy Redangel passed me this Rockstar pose. I ran around all over the place trying to decide where to use it. Silly me. I only needed to come out the front door and just meet those adoring fans. To be fair there was only two outside and one shouted at me  I will not [...]

Santa baby

Ok its like 1.5 days to go depending on where in the world you are right now as you read this. I realise Santa doesn't exist for those over 10, but if he looked like this, I'm sure we would all be trampling over each other to sit on his lap. I have just been [...]

Into the wilderness

Something tells me this will be a lovely weekend. I guess its the fact that its one week before Christmas and that I will be babysitting the most gorgeous little boy for a day while his mom goes and does her lashes business. I have such adoration for that little guy and now he is [...]

The alternate night before Christmas

Yes I'm trying to be all festive but I'm not feeling it right now. Not in RL anyhow. I don't know if it's because as we get older those Xmas fantasies we had as a child are lost.  As an adult you know that Father Christmas isn't real and that the reindeer  can't fly in [...]


Yeah the title has nothing to do with what I intend to do! It can snow and I welcome it, but I won't be doing any shovelling and ruining these  hands. At the moment SL teases me with snow everywhere I go. In the RL I  long for that bad boy white stuff but it [...]