When you can’t sleep

I can't sleep so what the heck I'll send out tomorrow's video now. I love a good dance. Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMSYkdRF36E Credits:- Chantal bodysuit with suspenders from Ghostyss at the Hash In love event Misty Hair from Analog Dog Tropical eyeshadow and Sweet gloss from A R T E Catya bento head from CATWA Angel shape for the Catya head [...]



May I just say I've seen it in real life already. Spring clothes starting to adorn our shelves. It's still winter and I still haven't caught up with my winter shopping yet! I still have some shopping gift cards given to me at Christmas that I need to tap at a clothes store near me. [...]

Coffee with Isa – Depression real virtual worlds.

Before I even start. Please excuse my head cold as you can really hear it in this video. I wanted to make sure I went ahead with this Coffee chat and so had to record it over a few days. So please excuse if you pick up any pauses or sound imbalances Todays coffee vlog [...]

My pussy cat

Currently I am not well. So I'm not going to ramble . The video below is the outfit but you will see Harriet likes it too! Have a good day. I now lay my head back down on said pillow with my cat beside me. Video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2hRYDfLkg8 Credits:- Ember Tiered skirt and halter top from [...]

A little bit of …

Well for modesty and facebooks sake, the nipple shields sit on the main picture. I'm still wondering why as women we can't walk around like this in today's society and not feel like it's perfectly ok? Every single day in the summer months I see men walking around with no shirts, nipples pointed out to [...]

The prescence

Sometimes it's the unspoken moments that are the most powerful. Oh you thought I meant the picture? No, when I pop my head on the pillow and finally sleep! Good morning everyone, have a great day. Credits:- Jackson for letting me use his body Sensual chair pose from Viv.a! at the Hash on Black event Giselle [...]

I didn’t, honest!

Sunday night and I’m at a pocket friends fashion show. Aka virtual little people. I have to say I have never really attended something like this before. Suffice to say I feel like I’m at the London Fashion show and I should have worn Prada. Instead I came cutting edge and decided to pop by [...]

Have you

Read the gossip sites for this world? The amount of garbage I read is amazing. Especially about individuals who I have came across in world. But the garbage is written slating these people as old, frumpy bored housewives and husbands etc etc. Now I have to ask the question about the people writing this salacious [...]

Looking back

I'm on the bus headed to that place called the work place. The fact that it definitely is Friday is quite nice to know. I still have a cold but soldiering in like a matyr because like I said yesterday, if I can tap in a phone and update internet social media, then I can [...]


Seriously in 5 days it's that big day for romance, Valentine's. You know, that day where all things romantic happen, hearts and flowers and lots of chocolate. I don't have a valentine. I've never really celebrated Valentine's nor been with anyone for it. I was married and he was certainly no romantic by any stretch [...]