Le Fashion Whore

Who me??? I admit, I am one. I think most women's wardrobes are absolutely full to the brim because we need an outfit for every occasion. Right? Every occasion in my wardrobe has at least 4 choices as of course I consider the seasons of weather. That's my excuse and I will hold fast to [...]

Finding seagulls and pelicans

 Actually I find a lot more than  seagulls on  my doorstep. I came home last night to a gang of geese. Yes a gang! They were mean dudes, hissing and raising their feathers at me. I live on lakes which is beautiful in itself and every day you hear and see the ducks and geese. [...]

Going to the fair

As you all know I blogged yesterday about my good friends son who is currently laying in hospital waiting for a bed to be able to be moved to Kings hospital in London for spine surgery. Today it will be a week since the crash and still he is waiting.  Last night he had a [...]


My best friends son is in hospital right now. His name is Robert and he is 30 years old and has Downs Syndrome. Robert a few days ago was involved in a head on collision which has left him now waiting for surgery due to having broken the vertebrae in his back and other injuries. [...]

Really a brunette

I am you know. The blonde is a 2 hour episode at the hairdressers every 3 months which Ive been doing for 5 years now. I'm actually considering going back and seeing if brunettes have more fun. On the grand scale of life's decisions for a woman, that's quite a decisision you know. Ha ha [...]

This is 

Me. Well this is how I imagine me. Sitting in the sun, not a care in the world and enjoying life. The reality is unless I (like a lot of other people) win the lottery, that image will only be 2 weeks of every year. Annual leave time. It's funny but most days I hear [...]

Being a jobs worth

 In the UK there is this term called "jobs worth".  It applies to people who only do what they need to but would never consider giving a little extra, being helpful or simply at times obstructive. That term I apply without hesitance to my bus driver this morning. The bus driver was stood outside of [...]

Its time

I made a big decision yesterday and left the workplace Union. I've been a rep since 2009 and along the way have become increasingly more stressed with the role which I juggle with my day job and any study I am doing. How do I feel this morning? Like I made the best decision ever!!!!! [...]

Only a matter of time

Im  laying on a beach on a tropical island and gaze at shimmering sunshine whilst drinking a pina colada and gazing at my hunky man as he walks out of the water towards me. His chest rippling and the water running down his skin. Then I wake up. Fifteen days and I have an essay [...]