This is 


Well this is how I imagine me.

Sitting in the sun, not a care in the world and enjoying life.

The reality is unless I (like a lot of other people) win the lottery, that image will only be 2 weeks of every year. Annual leave time.

It’s funny but most days I hear people saying  “if I won the lottery”. They would do this, or that or their lives would be so different.

It seems that for many people having what you desire in life is dependant on money because for some reason only money allows you to have much of what we aspire to.

Now, I do have to question this as fundamentally this is so wrong on many levels but at the same time it is fact as well.

I believe we were all made equal and we should in this life have equal chances at a decent life. But the reality is, that isn’t happening.

I’ve never been truly poor and I’ve never been rich. I’m just average with moments in my life that I’ve swayed in either direction but then rebalanced.

In that I consider myself as fortunate but I too would like the opportunity to step off the treadmill and be like my avatar in this photo.

Life is certainly what you make of it and I believe you can be anything you want to be. But let’s be honest, money helps you get there. 

So, if I won the lottery. I’d help rebalance someone else’s life who swayed to have far less than me. That’s what’s right and what’s Human.

Have a wonderful Friday, it’s nearly the weekend, where we can plan out our dreams……


Hair is free gift by ::Phoenix::

Body is Maitreya

Head is Trinity by Laq with Nellie skin 2.5

Clothes are Blueberry

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