Coffee with Isa – Dec 2017

This is the last Monday coffee for 2017. Wow the year is nearly over. I'm not sure I'm really ready to let it go yet considering some of the things I'd said I'd do this year I still haven't done. Maybe next year? Video below. Rambling as always.... Video:- Credits:- Frozen Heart outfit from [...]

*update* Linden Lab apologised

Photo has nothing to do with this blog, because well the whole content has changed. Read on..... Well that was a crazy 24 hours on the internet yesterday don't you think? I'm absolutely pleased Strawberry got her apology. It goes to show that when our community joins together, no matter where we are, what language, [...]

One day in Ibiza

Harriet decided to go away to relieve some of her angst at losing her job at the BBC. Her tv station went bankrupt and so Harriet decided to go to Ibiza. We follow Harriet Parker on her hedonistic holiday of a lifetime as she finds herself again. Video:- Credits :- High Waist Ripy jean [...]

Ittty bitty isn’t it

Need I say more! Itty bitty ha ha Clearly a non You Tube moment because well... It's Saturday and man I'm glad it is. This week has been the week from hell and beyond. The usual clique culture that makes you question why people behave in this gang type of culture. I came into work [...]

Whats lost spirits

So for today's video I visited this sim called What's Lost Spirits. Wow is all I can say. My video does not capture all of it or do it justice. But go visit!!! Every single day I'm astounded by what creations you find in our virtual worlds. The strange thing is I do believe this [...]

Coffee with Isa

It's another time for coffee and me taking away. Today touching briefly in last weeks topic and then answering a few requested questions. Which funnily are the flip side of last weeks topic. Be interesting to see people's view on a few of those. Video:- Credits:- Sonoma outfit from FC at the Designer Showcase Kiri [...]


I'm not really stranded. But the fact that it is Monday tomorrow. I wish I was. I love the weekend, I just never want to let it go. Video:- Credits:- Livis heels from Bijou High waist ripy jean from La Geeny now at the Spotlight event Demoniac top from  .:: L.F ::. at the Spotlight [...]

Coffee with Isa – The new format

I decided to look at doing a new format to the Coffee with Isa series. I have simply decided that there needs to be some kind of format to the Monday video and so this today will explain that. Enjoy..... Video:- Credits :- Shopia outfit from Enigma now at The Point Anabelle hair from enVOGUE [...]

Coffee and the last mention of the twit on You Tube

So I don’t need to write , it’s Coffee with Isa. Last mention of the proverbial nonsense then I shall get on with it, Video:- Credits :- Bellisima cashmere sweater from Prism Designs now at the Designer Showcase Bellisima tweed shorts from Prism Design at the Designer Showcase Bellisima suede boots from Prism Designs at the Designer [...]

The everlasting

Sleep has not quite been my friend so I may as well just write my blog in the hope that eventually I may bore myself back into la la land. It’s the weekend and I’m not sure I’ve seen it quite yet as been so busy. My Saturdays are babysitting duties for most of the [...]