I need a break in another world

Oh man do I need a good break away from this year. A sunny place and a knock on the head to forget this year will do!!! Bit like a romcom film and end up happily ever after!

I suspect you reading this May feel the same way? Its dark here as it’s 10pm as I write this the day is coming to an end.

I’ve been avoiding watching the news lately as trying to keep my levels of calm in check. But hey breaking news Russia missiles hitting into Poland. Came up on my news feed 20 mins ago and I’m just right now thinking can it really get any worse for these people involved. My heart breaks every time stuff happens. This is a NATO country so I don’t know what this means right now.

All I know is seriously right now I don’t care about my bills etc when faced with knowing this and what people are going through there and other parts of the world.

I even feel guilty that I can escape my stresses and low feelings as easily as a log on. Frankly I just feel like as humans we suck!!!! We really do as we sit in our ivory towers while others are fighting for life and food.

All the right words get said but when it comes to any actions no one puts their hands and heads up to pull up their sleeves and help people.

If I was physically able I’d honestly go and do my bit. But fact is I cannot as I’d be a hindrance not an asset. I’d rather die helping a human than sitting here worried about bills. Our actions or in actions will be remembered in years to come.

Speaking of bills. Buggar the bills I just cancelled all my direct debits to credit cards. They can wait. They’re not essential.

Yes I know I’m being rebellious in my old age. For someone who has always tried to do my best I realise your best is often just a figment of your imagination and reality has other designs.

So hence todays picture is me pretending as always life is fandabbydoozy.

On that not I’m logging in to escape and find my inner calm.


Boho madness outfit (with shoes) from IM Collection

Trending lipstick from Cazimi

Twisted hair from Truth

Eighteen plus eyeshadow from IDTTY

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Shot on location at Paradise Mountains

Kitteh suitcase pose from Lyrium

6 thoughts on “I need a break in another world

  1. I only heard about the missile strike when I got up this morning. While Putin’s unsubtle hints that he’s prepared to use nukes worries me, I suspect he’ll either be dead or overthrown before he ever gets a chance. Likewise, I think this is a distraction more than anything else, he’s losing on all fronts and he knows it.

    Same with Trump announcing he’ll run for the presidency again in 2024. I think this is his last throw of the dice, hoping that somehow the election can either be fixed or overturned so he can exonerate himself. But the results of the midterm elections suggest the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot by overturning Roe vs Wade and showing their true colours. Yes, there will beYes there will be another attempted insurrection after 2024, but I predict it’ll fail again and this time Trump and the Republicans who back it will be punished for it.

    I’m focusing my energy on the stuff I can control, which includes my personal debt levels. I’d urge you to do a 0% balance transfer if you can so your credit card payments are manageable — unfortunately, getting black marks on your credit record just leads to worse problems down the road.

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    1. It’s all such wonderful news these days. Re the credit the reality is my bills as in living bills have skyrocketed as has my rent from January coming up as I’ve been sent a rent increase letter.
      I work with debt and know what the situation is but right now I cannot let them pick and choose taking money from my account, so I’m paying as the bill comes in, because I need the control. Essential debt versus non essential.
      In my next life I’m a cat 🐈‍⬛


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