A bit of skin


Is about as close as you will get to Moi in lingerie. I am out of my comfort zone so I disguised myself!!!!

I kid of course. I had to throw on a different head to show you the lippy. Both are from Entice and it made sense.

Now, explain to me why my avatar looks so petite? Body proportions still the same, just the head is configured in shape.

I look darn well 18. Amazing how a face alters you.

I own way too many Lelutka heads that are incredibly beautiful, but I cannot settle on any one that I could potentially replace my catwa. It’s so me, I can’t imagine my neck without it!!!


Kinky Love lingerie from Entice at the Makeover Room (This is a free gift for the group members)

This kiss Lipstick for Evox from Entice at the Makeover Room

Daphne skin from  AMARA

Milan head from Lelutka

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

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