The slice that crumbled

At the moment I’m feeling a little kinda sad. So this scene is very poignant for me minus the svelte body and sassy bodysuit from eXxEsS.

I was kind of seeing someone after not having physically dated in just over 7 years. Yeah you read that right! I became a virgin and a cat lady instead.

Anyhow it was a bit of a deal for me. I often don’t give many the time of day on date sites to even get a phone number from me, let alone a date in person.

I won’t go into it as that’s just too much writing for me today and I tend to speak more than write as it is.

Long story short we wanted different things and I found myself actually questioning what this guy even saw in me. He is Italian and resembles the famous Italian footballer Andrea Pirlo.

No kidding he is the exact twin but shorter. Gets mistaken for him but instead of being a footballer he is a hairdresser.

Anyhow whilst texting on Monday sorting out a meal it ended with me finishing it completely. I realised that I wasn’t his slice but more his breadcrumb.

I talk about it in my video below the credits as I don’t want to totally distract from this vision.


Bodysuit no 1 from eXxEsS at the Cosmopolitan Event

Wolfie hair from Bon Bon

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Stand up paddle Board from Chez Moi


2 thoughts on “The slice that crumbled

  1. Happy belated rez-day! 🙂

    I’ve had a stressful few days here. The installation of new double-glazing into the windows in three rooms upstairs got brought forward to this Monday (it initially wasn’t due to happen for another month at least). So I had to move a lot of furniture and other stuff out of the way and relocate my things to another room. The installation work took two days, and yesterday we also had road resurfacing (finally) taking place outside, so even more noise! Now there’s cleaning up and redecorating to be done, and only then will I be able to move back into my room. Still, I’m counting my blessings, I do HAVE a roof over my head, money in the bank, food in the cupboards and fridge, and good health.

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    1. Blimey you have been up to a lot. Everywhere lately they are resurfacing roads. Which is good as they need going before the winter. Thanks re the Rez day. It comes, it goes 😂😂😂
      I still haven’t started the living room paintwork. To be honest it’s too warm and lost the momentum already.
      I think it’s a job when the weather starts to cool a bit.
      Double glazing will be bliss in the winter. It deets inly makes a huge difference. My one friend has a cottage which has original single glazing and it does get cold.
      They have log fire which is a plus but not always great first thing in the morning lol


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