Absolutely ecstatic!!!

I have news to share. Great news.

I wanted to share it months ago but made a decision not to do so in case I was being premature.

So since February I have sat on this awaiting it to be made public before I did so.

In 2021 I was approached via Instagram by a Irish photographer and musician. He is also a published writer and filmmaker as well.

He approached me because of a video he had seen on YouTube of mine that he fell in love with. my virtual romance video here

His comments in DM were lovely and he said he loved that video so much he wanted me to work with him to make a virtual video for a music track he was going to release in the UK. Well across the world I guess.

Roll on to 2022 I had emails from the record label as well as him and we came to an agreement. The following video was made exactly to instruction as to the scene and how the avatars would appear. His avatar is as close as I could get to his RL self.

The Pig nose worn is in relation to his name under the label as Pig baby.

His name is Joshua and his work is amazing and so quirky I have subsequently become a bit of a fan.

Here is the video:-

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