Sunday update

I’m just lazing on my sofa and flicking the tv channels trying to find a nice winter mushy film to watch. I think quite frankly I have seen them all.

So I’m writing a quick blog to say hi and hope you are all enjoying a days break at least.

I was up at 6:15 am. I know, absolutely bonkers. However I stupidly set my online shopping for 6:30 – 7:30 and hadn’t realised I had chosen AM till I completed the order. So went with it.

Did I stay up? Don’t be ridiculous. After I unpacked it all, had a drink. I climbed back into my warm bed and there I stayed till 11am this morning.

That’s what a lazy Sunday is!!!

I have since completed some housework etc as it’s just habit so no I wasn’t that lazy all day.

Todays pixel pic is from Entice as part of the Saturday sale. Has a great hud if you get the fat pack but lots of choices either way.

The earrings from Heartsdale are right now at the Designer showcase and yes they too have a hud.


Under Pressure outfit from Entice at the Saturday Event

Dhoom Machalay earrings from Heartsdale Jewellery at the Designer Showcase

Sayo pose from Lyrium at the EQUAL10 Event

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Olivia hair from Kuni

Liquor lip gloss from Beaumore

Aloha eyeshadow from Veechi

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

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