A little of what I fancy

A non sponsored blog post. Because why not? I buy so much in SL I figure I’m part of the huge economy that drives lindens into pockets. Not mine clearly, but creators.

So I’m going to start involving blog posts that are not for anyone in particular but simply because I damn well had the mood to do. I bought it and I liked it.

Today I’m being sort of productive. Doing some background things to help out at the SL book club, washing, bathroom cleaning and basically Sunday chilling. No day out today as I did that yesterday afternoon.

I’m on sofa watching god knows what. It doesn’t really matter. Feet up, cut of tea and a muffin.

What are you up to?



Duchess of Devonshire outfit from Belle Epoque

Olivia hair from Kuni (part of the Saturday Sale)

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Chauen pose from Amitie

Olivia hair from Magika

Acid Lips from Beaumore

Pastel puff eyeshadow from #Adored

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

6 thoughts on “A little of what I fancy

  1. I’m trying to catch up on my sleep deficit and get rid of lingering sinus congestion. That means SL is taking a back seat today, along with my usual Sunday show for Gorean Whip Radio. I had a really bad day last Sunday as far as my mental health goes, so I’m doing more exercise and taking more breaks from the computer. Managed to get out and walk a few days this week, I really need to get back into doing that regularly.

    I’ve been writing daily notes in a paper journal this past month, it helps me remember things and is easier on my eyes than looking at a screen. I’ve also started (at last) to properly budget, using a spreadsheet to track where money is going.

    I’m also cleaning up my music library, dealing with six years of song requests and one-off things for events I provided music for in SL.

    Speaking of SL, I did a purge of my groups at the start of the month, and am now on a shopping moratorium while I sort out my inventory. I did the same thing this time last year, ended up throwing out a load of stuff that no longer fitted me. Now that I’ve changed my avatar again I’m expecting to dispose of a lot more detritus. I’m still spending some money to support artists and venues in-world, but nowhere near the amount I was when I was on the retail-therapy wagon.

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    1. Blimey yup are having a good tidy up.
      Hope you are feeling ok health wise ?
      Mental health bit I can totally relate to. I’m up and down like a slinky that can’t make it’s mind up .
      I’ve been popping out more myself. Not too much but seeing a friend more often and just getting out into air and life.
      I’m still however pretty careful and I’d say a little anti too much socialising .
      I am mindful that after 17 months my immunity is lower so frankly I don’t want any bugs this time of year if I can help it.

      Writing a journal is actually a good idea!!
      My bad habit is writing it into my phone notes application. Too much screen.
      I may join you in that idea as writing down is often relaxing too.
      I hope you feeling better. X


      1. I’ve been fortunate, I was able to get my winter flu jab and Covid booster jab done early, but we’re still being careful. My sister is taking regular tests as she is doing private tutoring now alongside online teaching work. Other than sinus congestions, my physical health is pretty good, I’ve managed to lose weight and flab over the last two years, I just need to keep up regular exercise and good eating.

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      2. I’m like a chipmunk. I store that food for the winter!!! 😂
        I need to join you in regular exercise. I just don’t want to go to a class as they cost nearly £8-9 locally per session and ideally you need to do 3 a week.
        My ideal and fave thing to do aside from walking is a elliptical work out,
        Once I sell my old pc I may look at a cheap second hand one as that be great for me with less stress on joints
        Re covid, I’ve developed a bit of a phobia I guess around people. Im a little hesitant in groups and tend to hang at the fringes,


      3. I do exercises on the bed in the morning, then more exercises standing in the kitchen while lunch is cooking. And I get up and do stretches every hours when I’m using the computer. Cheaper and more dignified than going to the gym. 🙂

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      4. Ahh I never thought of the bed!!!!
        I stand often while working. It’s better than sitting all day as I’m often on the phone so it’s fine but I need a riser if I want to type
        I may investigate just doing the old fashioned excercises see grew up with in PE lol


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