Erika by Kalhene

So yesterday Claudia Urdaneta the creator of Kalhene gave me this pack called Erika to check out.

How impressive is this avatar pack!!! It has totally everything in it. Skins, eyes, shapes, wardrobe, trans ad ons and 3 heads!!! There’s more but let’s just let this all sink in.

It’s the most modifiable avatar I’ve come across and totally BOM. you can use your own Lelutka or Catwa head with it if you want and Maitreya shoes.

I’m looking forward to making her shape as you darn well know she will be my updated Social Influencer Delores in up coming videos! I will even fiddle about shapes for the fitting of Catwa and Lelutka heads.

How absolutely phenomenal is this!



Erika from Kalhene available this weekend.

Dua hair from DOUX

The deets direct from Kalhene :-


Kalhene ERIKA Natural, realistic & super versatile Mesh Body!

BENTO Fitted Mesh Body (Includes 3 BENTO Mesh Heads and female/transgender HD genitals) BOM Only (Bakes on Mesh) enabled viewer required(please check that you are not wearing any alpha layer before wear the mesh body and head)

ERIKA Mesh Body is compatible with Maitreya footwear*Mesh Body & Head can be worn separately and will fit other mesh bodies and heads from the most popular brands- Genus, Lelutka, Catwa (you can find Neck Fix wearable via HUD)Includes modifiable shapes

You can modify the avatar with the sliders in appearance mode, you can create your own shape.

Body & head compatible with system Alpha LayersMORE OPTIONS:-ERIKA skin, 5 tones (BOM)-Mesh HD Genitals (vagina), Lips & Nipples appliers-Penis add-on: 9 state/postions via HUD (for transgender avatar)-Penis tattoo layers modify and TINTABLE to match any skin-Erotic Play Set- Wearable sex toys and accessories fitted for Erika Mesh Body-8 realistic eyes (BOM)-5 Nail shapes Via HUD-32 Nail polish (French & Faded) via HUD-3 options of realistic pubic hair in 3 hair tones (removable)-5 eyelashes (removable)-

Optional shiny skin, 2 options with adjustable intensity : Gloss & Oiled (MATERIALS)-Breast deformer animations via HUD-Support Alpha Layers*Please remember that you can wear ALPHA LAYERS on BOM Mesh bodies if you need it.

It also INCLUDES:-Basic mesh hair -10 complete Outfits fitted for ERIKA Mesh Body: underwear, stockings, dresses, jeans, skirts, shirts, leggings, rings, glasses, footwear (sneakers, heels, boots) and more! (some clothes have color pack HUD)

About CHUBBY look: it’s recommended to wear chubby body skins (most skin designers offer them) with some tattoo layers such as cellulite, stretch marks, etc…to get a more realistic look. “The Skinnery” and “Izzie’s” are some great stores where you can find these products.

2 thoughts on “Erika by Kalhene

  1. I tried out the demo of the Erika body and head earlier, and while it’s not cheap you’re definitely getting a *lot* for your money! Interestingly, the previous two Kalhene body/head sets, Anya and Alexa, have been combined now into Analexa, and if you’ve previously bought either of those you’ll get Analexa if you request a redelivery at the Kalhene store – a great deal indeed!

    I’m very impressed by how Kalhene has been updating their HUDs and refining their products, it’s clear to me they’ve put some effort into making things easy to set up and configure, and taking on feedback and improving things.

    The only downside I could find with Erika is that it’s not fully compatible with Maitreya-fitted clothing, based on my testing, whereas Analexa does better in that regard. That said, considering all the clothes and accessories you get with Erika, at least you won’t be stuck in the nude! Hopefully designers can be enticed to make their clothing work with Kalhene, I notice the designer kits are prominently displayed on one side of the store.

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    1. Yep totally I’m impressed by the pack. They are out looking for clothing creators to get interested and I really think a creator would be savvy to make clothing for Kalhene because it’s an avatar so easy to play with I feel more people especially newer people will get on board with the whole pack idea. I also saw the group update which is excellent . The cost? Hell way cheaper than the start out of having to buy a head then a body. My new legacy body cost me 5 k, my head 5k . For a person new to Sl and on a limited budget and ease I think it’s a great buy. I’ll try over next few weeks make some shapes and also try with my heads 😊


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