I am always inspired by good contemporary dance. It has so much passion and feeling in it and you can tell many a story from a dance.

I had a little play around with this video. Just to change the aesthetic a bit.

If you know me in my videos I am not one for high Spielberg effects as I don’t like to distract from the actual product I am showing. Not only that, I don’t want to give the watcher seizures from so much fast moved screenshots.

Sure they can look good but you need to be able to want to watch again and again so you learn those moves.

My enjoyment working with Paragon is always increased in excitement when a new dance comes out that Madison Cubbage has mocapped.

I’m a huge fan and her moves are graceful, sharp and incredibly beautiful.

My music choice is always slightly off the beat as it in my opinion adds to the visual.



Featuring the Madison Contemporary Turns and dances from Paragon Dance Animations now at the UBER Event

Product Description

Volume 2

3 contemporary freestyle dance combos and 9 turns performance captured by former multi-champion Madison Cubbage recognized as one of the strongest competitors of her time. Contemporary dance is a expressive technical dance that has grown to be a dominant dance genres for formally trained dancers. The focus of it’s technique typically combines the strong but controlled legwork of ballet with the emphasis of torso movements of modern dance. These were originally danced to a series of slow songs.

Dance 06 to 08 & Turn 01 to 03 – Originally performed to “Fire on Fire” by Sam Smith. Tempo = 115.0 BPM
Turn 04 to 10 – Originally performed to “I Could Get Use To This” (orchestral acoustic) by Becky Hill. Tempo = 107.21 BPM

About Madison Cubbage

ro-dancer for Todrick Hall (Forbidden World Tour), Ariana Grande (7 Rings MV), Justin Bieber (Yummy MV), Joe Jonas, Nicki Minaj, Calvin Harris, Little Mix, Cher (Billboard Music Awards Awards), Rita Ora & Charlie XCX (Lip Sync Battle)

• Elite Protege with The Pulse On Tour assisting iconic industry choreographers such as Brian Friedman, Tyce Diorio, Gil Duldulao, Tricia Miranda, Desmond Richardson, Brooke Lipton, Cris Judd, Dave Scott)

• Faculty at Heat Dance Convention
• Top multi-champion contemporary dancer recognized as one of the strongest competitors of her time.
• Social media influencer: 213,000+ instagram followers.


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Image courtesy using Flickr

2 thoughts on “Madison

  1. “I don’t want to give the watcher seizures”

    That’s not Spielberg, hun. Old man Spielberg is a storyteller. For the seizures they got other, lesser, calibres. Michael “Bayhem” Bay for example.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol I meant Spielberg as he does do shots with effects. The other stuff people do is seizure fitting. I’ve done a few but gif I don’t like doing them as it’s heavy on the eyes. Basically I’m basic! 😆


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