We women need to think better of ourselves

Spoke to my friend last night about the perils of online dating apps.

I won’t lie, Ive been on them years and still believe they’re like a sweet shop for people to try out and never make any decent commitments on.

When you have been around the continent like me then you become quite difficult to date. I’m the un-dateable!! I’m the cynic you read about, the one who gives it a go then says meh why bother. They’re all the same.

7/10 men who approach me now on dating apps are simply scammers. Now I’m not suggesting this is everyone, but people who are approaching my age group from the 40 year old upwards, usually are not really honest or have a good intention, especially since COVID hit. There will be the odd ones who decent so I’m not tarring all with the same brush, but this is my experience.

I spoke to a few guys I know who spend lots of time dating women on apps and they say the one thing about women over 40 is the assumption that we all must be desperate to date and will basically be an easy catch. So for the younger guys this is a fun game and for the love scammers, apparently makes women easy pickings.

Technically I tend to agree with that as I will be approached by either young guys seeking a “good time” or men who refer to me as one true love and all those generic terms scammers use to make you think you feel special. Me? Hell no I know from the first conversation if I want to speak to someone. Usually 9/10 its no.

So my friend and I were chatting last night and I updated her on my lack of dating interests. One was but then he suddenly disappeared and then she came in with her ones.

A 24 and 18 year old want to “do her”.

My friend is 60. Like what do men and young men think women are? “Do her” Really? What happened to the old fashioned woo you then bed you mentality. I remember that from when I was younger and at least you got dinner and a chance to decide if you liked someone before you moved to the base.

But folks this is what a lot of young guys are seeing as normal. We need to change this mindset Its not ok. They need to learn the art of effort.

Young women are more and more having to deal with this nonsense because older women often think this is all they deserve and can get. We older women need to say Beggar off more often and not feel this is what we deserve or the last of what we can have. It is not. Cheeky gits!!!

Women can go into old age and still be amazing.

Be like me. Keep the Knickers on and wait for the right one. At least my goodness get a few dates, a nice meal and some flowers for the effort of sharing your lady garden for fertilisation with some unknown dude.

I’ve learnt over the years that there is a art to dating, its like a little game. Where you both flirt and play that cat and mouse game, either the woman or the male. There is no rule to who is the cat. But you make effort and you learn that whilst getting to know someone, you may actually appreciate and like them.

Casual sex is overrated and frankly the best sex is the one you have yourself or the one you have with a partner who has learnt to know you and appreciate and respect you.

If in doubt, Anne Summers is your get go ladies.

Now I seriously look dateable in this outfit don’t you think?

Higher resolution image Here


Rosella top from KiB Designs at the Designer Showcase

Marylin Denim Shorts from Kaithleens

no Suffer hair from no.match

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Superna Eyeshadow and Monica Lips from Velour

Eline skin from AMARA

Jolly pose car from Amitie

Reflectice eyes from Amara

Lara mesh body Maitreya

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