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Seriously, the world is nuts!

Liam Neeson vilified by Piers Morgan for an honest interview about a moment some years ago.

You really have got to love how the media takes a story and then attempts to destroy a person. Yet the story in its full context is swept right over.

I do struggle with perception and how people can be easily influenced by how a moment is reported.

Liam Neeson admitted to a dark moment at a time in his life where a female close friend was raped and how he reacted inside. He admits that moment to then touch on how he learned from that and how ashamed he is.

So what does the press do?

Well go read it for yourself. Then find the interview and see the full discussion.

Anything to sell a paper huh!


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6 thoughts on “Reading Twitter

  1. I heard some criticism that rings true to me. It’s not that he had this dark moment and discussed it that is really an issue. He acknowledged that this horrible moment in his past that he learned and grew from. Also, having a larger discussion about it is good, as part of the problem that when people of color try to instigate this kind of discussion, they’re ignored. The problem is that it comes off like he’s using this moment in his life to promote a revenge flick. So the timing and motivation is what’s showing questionable judgement in this current situation. I’d like to think it’s something he’s wanted to get off his chest for a long time and just misjudged this as a good opportunity.

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    1. Right now I’m intensely disliking social media because of some of the reactions to it. The racist branding is quite serious. I’d rather hear people asking about the woman. I’ve not heard one thing about her, given we are approaching one billion rising and woman’s safety. He is a plonker for bringing it up and really bad timing but she did ask him about how he could bring that feeling of revenge into a film. So he just laid it out there. Many of my BME friends don’t see it as a racist thing. Simply he was a twat 40 years ago. But what is lost here is what he was saying about how you can as a human summon that feeling in situations. Again should he have kept his mouth shut? Or should he have been honest like he has been. I prefer the honesty. I am myself mixed race and so personally I took no offence to it. I do however feel the media is perpetuating things and that’s my issue. You want to read Piers Morgan’s twitter on it. Influencers have a duty to be careful about the truth they spin .

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