Snow tanning

I changed my home sim for the winter as I do each year.

Suffice to say I must have rezzed at a time when Linden lab were having some issues as I logged in a week ago and my snow and some of my mounds of snow had returned back to my inventory saying parcel full.

Do you think I can find the offending item? Nope.

I do this often. Rez a block of stuff by accident rather than the individual item and cause carnage.

I’m guessing items flew up into the sky if that block of “stuff” was from my last sky build. Who knows.

The main thing was my wee snow picnic set was saved in the Isa storm so I could take some photos.

This set is in the December builders box from Raindale. Gorgeous way to snow tan .

You can see the item in the credits as I’ve left a link to Raindale where it is rezzed.

Have a lovely day.


The snowday picnic is from Raindale for the December Edition of the Builders Box

The set includes the Arch, Drinks, Sled chairs, Snowballs and Snowman

To check it out just visit Raindale

2 thoughts on “Snow tanning

  1. That’s a lovely picture, Isa – Keira will be pleased I’m sure! You’d have laughed because late last night I was searching for a house I couldn’t remember the name of and I had to go back to my blog and spend half an hour looking through all the posts *laughs* My inventory searches were no help at all!

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