Snow tanning

Snow tanning

I changed my home sim for the winter as I do each year.

Suffice to say I must have rezzed at a time when Linden lab were having some issues as I logged in a week ago and my snow and some of my mounds of snow had returned back to my inventory saying parcel full.

Do you think I can find the offending item? Nope.

I do this often. Rez a block of stuff by accident rather than the individual item and cause carnage.

I’m guessing items flew up into the sky if that block of “stuff” was from my last sky build. Who knows.

The main thing was my wee snow picnic set was saved in the Isa storm so I could take some photos.

This set is in the December builders box from Raindale. Gorgeous way to snow tan .

You can see the item in the credits as I’ve left a link to Raindale where it is rezzed.

Have a lovely day.


The snowday picnic is from Raindale for the December Edition of the Builders Box

The set includes the Arch, Drinks, Sled chairs, Snowballs and Snowman

To check it out just visit Raindale

Just magical

Just magical

It’s the month of all things magically spooky.

I just looked in the mirror and screamed!

These sets from Raindale are simply lovely and you need to go and check them out because my photo does not do them justice. I tried not to change anything or make the picture look pretty because the ideal is to see exactly the item as it is.

I hope my basic photo shows this.


Darkmore set from Raindale which is part of the October black Magic edition of the  Builders box includes. The set Darkmore set comes with daybed, 3 types of lamps, coffee table and decor (candles, tarot cards, books and spirit board )

The Grimward Cauldrons from Raindale are at the We Love Roleplay

Mirgaild mirror from Raindale is an exclusive at the Swank Event

Valenbert pumpkins set from Raindale at the Cosmopolitan Event

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The manor born

The manor born

Again as always my photo cannot do the build justice. I’m not a great décor photographer, but I do try. Try and try.

However the video will give you more depth of the build and what it has inside and outside. What can I say?

To the Manor born!



Alderley Manor from Raindale is in the August Builders Box

The manor can be purchased only as part of Builder’s Box with 7 more buildings from amazing creators included in this months box.

There are two versions in the box. One without lights at 107 land impact and one with lights.

During filming you also see the Windridge Gazebo from Raindale at the Swank Event 

There are 4 versions of Windridge gazebo included (simple – 11Li, with lights – 13Li, with snow – 13Li, with lights and snow – 16Li)

The cottage by the sea

The cottage by the sea

I quite like the idea of a cottage by the sea.

Right now I’m sitting here on my balcony enjoying this glorious sunset descending down around me, watching the geese flap around.

Choosing to enjoy this moment rather than sit in my apartment staring at a large computer screen.

Glass of Pimms in hand and my iphone in the other.

Moments like this are so precious and when we have them, we need to make the most of them.

One of my favourite things to do in the summer months is simply this, watch the sun slowly go down.

This video isn’t live on You Tube and probably won’t be as I often choose to keep some videos solely available via the blog.

But feel free to watch and see how lovely this cottage is from Raindale in this months Builders Box.



Featuring the Longhaven Cottage from Raindale in the May edition of the Builders Box

To see this cottage you can visit Raindale

To join the Builders Box you can either click the terminal found near the cottage rezzed at Raindale or click Here to pre order for the following month.

All furnitures you can see rezzed at the house in my video and photo are from Raindale.

The Bakery

The Bakery

Firstly thank you to all the folk who watched Coffee with Isa yesterday and reached out.

And now for something light hearted and SL

So the Builders Box is producing some gorgeous virtual homes for us.

I have to say I’m always truly amazed at what can be created in the virtual world.

Today I am showing you the gorgeous estate home by Raindale called The Bakery.

You can have a small business and home rolled into one.

I’ve left a link in the credits so you can go check out this house and all its rooms.

On top of that I’m also showing you The Lammon outdoor blanket. Frankly perfect just outside under a tree for relaxing autumnal days before the frost sets in.

Have a great day peoples.


Credits :-

The Bakery by Raindale  is in  the November  edition of the Builders Box.

An erect version for you to check out can be found at Builders Box Christmas Village
This is a Christmas edition with “Winter Wonderland” theme!
All buildings can be previewed at Christmas Village

The Lammon outdoor blanket set from Raindale can be found at The Avenue

Grasses and trees courtesy of Hayabusa Design and Little Branch

The Avenden

The Avenden

So I am really chuffed to show you the Avenden cottage from Raindale which is in this months Builders box.

For anyone that doesn't know, the Builders box comes out quarterly and contains houses and skyboxes from various merchants. Totally well worth it!

Video below to show you the Avenden.



The Avenden from Raindale in the Builders Box