The manor born

Again as always my photo cannot do the build justice. I’m not a great décor photographer, but I do try. Try and try.

However the video will give you more depth of the build and what it has inside and outside. What can I say?

To the Manor born!



Alderley Manor from Raindale is in the August Builders Box

The manor can be purchased only as part of Builder’s Box with 7 more buildings from amazing creators included in this months box.

There are two versions in the box. One without lights at 107 land impact and one with lights.

During filming you also see the Windridge Gazebo from Raindale at the Swank Event 

There are 4 versions of Windridge gazebo included (simple – 11Li, with lights – 13Li, with snow – 13Li, with lights and snow – 16Li)

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