The sun does burn

On Monday nights I really look like this.

The rest of the week it’s not a pretty picture.

Today? Well you will have to wait to find out.

It’s a gorgeous morning here in Southern England.

I have lots to do, but non of it involves being outside in my skimpies enjoying the sun.

Alas last weekend when I did. I burnt a part of my belly that wasn’t exposed to the sun weirdly.

A few think there must have been a piece of metal or glass the sun was bouncing off and that’s how it happened. Your guess is as good as mine.

Suffice to say I got up Monday morning and discovered a severe burn and blister where it happened. Today it’s still not looking great. All week I haven’t felt my normal self and So no sun for me till it heals.

Make sure you take care in the sunshine, wear lots of block and between 10.30 and 2 at the least avoid direct exposure.

I’m an example of when you least expect it, the sun sears and does something not so great.

The photo below was clearly what I thought I looked like!


Nanda dress from Enigma at the TWE12VE

Unexpected Silver Nails from Moondance Boutique at the Designer Showcase

Rare eyes  from A R T E

Oline lipstick from A R T E

Spring eyeshadow from A R T E

Sandra hair from Mina

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley

Surfs up pose from What Next


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