GDPR, Unions and thank you -Coffee with Isa

In todays Coffee I have a few things to say (Lets face it when do I not?)

One of the subjects I am going to touch on is GDPR and what it could mean to videographers. And when I say “what it could” it means literally that.

I am no expert but I have considered a number of things on the road of GDPR and one of them relates to You Tube channels, photographs potentially, even Facebook if I think about it.

One of the requirements of GDPR is that all personal data should be anonymised wherever possible. Basically meaning any information whereby it becomes possible to identify an individual should be removed from a data set or encrypted so that individual remains anonymous. That also includes any individual who collects and or processes data of any individuals from the EU. Be it by direct association or indirect association.

They are under the obligation to inform the data subject and in turn self report to the data protection authorities.

In Coffee with Isa, you will understand why I am raising this because this poses some interesting questions.

Linden Lab have also now put on their website information about GDPR and are committed to ensuring residents are aware of the GDPR. You can read this information here and I highly recommend you do especially when you consider what I am talking about surrounding GDPR in todays video



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