The lights Show

Sunday night before I went to bed I went to an event in Second Life. The light show by Mario2 Helstein.

It has to be the most amazing experience I have ever had in a virtual world.

I’m a true lover of amazing light shows and I have seen some extraordinary ones in my time, but never in the virtual world have I experienced such a coordinated and truly well done light show.

I had to tell you. My video does not do it justice at all.

I recommend following this FACEBOOK and keeping up to date so you know when another one comes along. It certainly isn’t to be missed I guarantee you that. Enjoy the video. I sadly crashed on my recording equipment a few times while filming so I lost some footage. But here is a snippet of what you can expect to see. Damn awesome.


Credits :-

Light thoughts 4

Song track Data Breach is actually one of my own. Created funnily about my anger of finding my data compromised. Because our data is important to us.

Dont forget GDPR comes into force on the 25th May. Make sure you protect all data.

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