Ready for action

This is me today. Ready for action! I have a lot on my plate today and I'm not referring to my dinner. I speak often about the role of a union rep and the added work that involves. Today is no exception. Quite a few meetings and some problem solving to do. The thing is [...]

Hung parliament

Well fetch me a bag of popcorn as I sit on this bus waiting to know what happens next. I was hoping to see a landslide exit of the conservatives, but I'm guessing this doesn't mean this dream is happening. I'm labour and proud, but then I'm a strong unionist and have been since I [...]

Budget like a housewife

I'm staring out the bus right now and wondering about this day ahead. I've been called into meetings about restructures so many times in the past year. Average redundancy is around 20-40  each time. That's a hell of a lot of skills lost and people who will have mortgages and families to worry about. Two [...]