Cabins and Gachas

Seriously I’m the worst decorist there is!

I’m thinking I should outsource the decorating! Ha ha

If you know me then you know I’m a nightmare decorator.

I’m so basic it’s often painful to watch.

A few of my friends would certainly agree.

In rl because of my minimalist ways, doing decor in SL is a challenge to me.

Some days more than others.

However when the clock is ticking because this cabin has only a few days, well then I’m even worse.

I hope the video captures it better than the scene.

The gatcha items will be shown again shortly as I have a cunning plan . Yes I do!



Credits :-

Kylemore cabin from Raindale now till the end of the week at the Cosmopolitan event

Bright October gacha from Raindale at the Avenue

The gacha contains :-

– Broom – deco only – 2Li
– Pumpkin candles – 3 colours – 1Li each
– Frames – 4 kinds of pictures – 1Li each
– Pumpkin stack + candles – 1-3Li
– Apple candles – 3 colours – 1Li each
– Pumpkin dot lights – 2 kinds – 1Li each
– Pumpkin string lights + tiny green pumpkin


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