Coffee with Isa

So after doing the Strawberry Singh vlogger challenge, I decided I enjoyed it so much, that what the heck I would start this Monday coffee with Isa.

Yes I had considered the live streaming thing but to be honest, I’m never able to commit to any certain time as frankly real life gets in the way. I would hate to have people sitting patiently waiting for me to rock up when I may  have decided, yes I may pop to a friends or at the last moment go shopping etc. The real world always comes first. Plus to be honest I’d be petrified to be live.

So the idea of this is to talk about various topics and if I learn anything, share it. And when I need to learn anything, ask people. Its casual and I will carry my  coffee cup and try and visit as many sims as I can. Dependant on if they have rez rights as I’m bringing my own table and chairs. Don’t worry, if I visit yours, I do tidy up. Although only  yesterday one of my friends informed me I had left my dog swinging in the air at La Vie.

I wont talk about Politics or religion. I think that’s a domain best left to someone else and frankly I haven’t made my mind up as the world is currently nuts.

I also wont talk about what happens in the bedroom, as again, that’s a topic someone else may cover, just I’m not going to. I think we all know that stuff anyhow, and no need for me to talk about it. Although, protection and contraception, are always recommended!

So for today, I am at home in my little sanctuary sky box coming from my kitchen with the sun beating down like its summer. Although I think that’s called windlight and I made it happen. shhhh don’t tell anyone!

Video :-


Credits :-

The dress I’m wearing is the Amelie dress from Well Made

Spring eyeshadow from A R T E right now at the Applique Event

Catya glossy lipstick from A R T E

Hair is from Tableau Vivant

Catya head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley



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